Saturday, June 11, 2011

Field trailers

I've been meaning to do a post on field vehicles for some time now, but since I'm recently looking into options for field trailers, I'm going with this quick one. I'm toying with the idea of cleaning up and modifying a 13' Casita travel trailer for use in the field. Now, I've never really felt the need for one of these before, but this one is sitting out in the VPL parking lot and could use some attention, and I could use a project. I admit that I like the looks of these and these, but still, my needs are such: a sleeping bag and backpack. My 2.5lb tent if I'm feeling like I need something decadent. It can scale up from there in comfort too, but those are the basics. I had all of my clothing, gear, a few days worth of food, and somebody else's gear for two weeks in New Zealand comfortably tucked in my 85L pack with room to spare. Before I get too carried away here, I think backcountry gear breakdowns will be a different post. I'm really quite content with bare bones camping, and have always remained very comfortable in the process. These days, if I'm near my vehicle, I just push some crap off to one side and throw my sleeping bag in the back of my truck, or when that is full, sleep upright in the drivers seat. After 11 years of field work and 25 years of camping, 2010 marked the first time I had slept on a Thermarest, or any ground pad, for that matter. I must say, I do like it, but what I'm getting at with all of this is that I have a hard time justifying a need for a camper trailer for any sort of camping, let alone field work. But I want to try, because I like to build stuff, I thrive on projects, and I want to find a way to put an LCD monitor and microscope, air compressor, and dust collector in it. I may have to take out the head and replace it with a trenching tool with a roll of TP jammed onto it. I would be very interested to hear opinions from anyone with experience with such thing (trailers at remote field locations, not toilet paper and shovels.)
 [Edit 6/12: Just thought this was a nice video]


Angie said...

/green with teh jealous

I can help gut it if you want!!!!

Maltese said...

You should see our field trailer, "The Leviathan". It's a complete monstrosity that I'm in a love/hate relationship with. Also got seasick in it once last spring in Kansas. Yuck.