Monday, March 10, 2014

Preparator job posting at UT Austin

The Jackson School of Geosciences of The University of Texas at Austin is advertising a Chief Preparator position to supervise the fossil preparation and conservation facilities at the Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory (VPL), located on the J. J. Pickle Research Campus. The mission of the VPL is three-fold, involving research, conservation and education pertaining to the history of vertebrates. This position supports a dynamic research-based academic program, including 4 faculty members from across the University, and 14 graduate students in Vertebrate Paleontology alone. The Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory has access to a phenomenal range of resources, including state of the art preparation and histology facilities, diverse fossil and modern comparative collections, and also partners with the High Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography (UTCT) lab, which allows us to investigate new ways to integrate digital technologies into conventional methods. We are constantly seeking to improve laboratory workflow through technological outlets as well as refining existing techniques. VPL is the 7th largest collection in North America, and holds State, Federal, and Navajo Nation collections in public trust; collections conservation is thus a core responsibility.

The posting will remain open until filled, the position is immediately available.

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Matthew A. Brown
Laboratory Manager, Vertebrate Paleontology Collections
Lecturer, Department of Geological Sciences
The University of Texas at Austin
R7600, Austin, TX 78758