Sunday, August 24, 2008

That didn't take long!

Letters from the Lounge

So, after trying to stage pictures of my new truck for about 3 weeks (I haven't even made a payment yet, it's a baby) I walk outside and just happen to have my camera in hand, and wham, bam, thank you atmospheric conditions, the sunset gives me the perfect shot. Were I a good photographer, and had actually been waiting, with tripod and one of my fast lenses, for the lighting to be just right, I would have moved the damned tractor first and made sure that there wasn't a pile of pallets, kitty litter, and other trash in the background. Oh well....

I also learned today that the US Special Forces has been using Toyota Tacomas in Afghanistan, (despite the fact that our government would never have a problem providing its employees with equipment that works, of course) bought off the dealership lot near Fort Campbell, slightly retrofitted (the belt fed M240 isn't a dealer option, otherwise I'd have one already), and shipped overseas for actual combat. Sweet. They obviously couldn't be less armored than a HMMWV right?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ramblings from the prep lab

Welcome to the Lounge!

So, this new blog takes its name from an office we had in the fossil preparation division at the Field Museum. I needed a place to store some leather furniture, some lava lamps, and a zebra print rug, which made a fantastic place to have weekly project meetings, lunch, naps, and private going away parties. A great place to break from the stress of working in a public display lab, B.S., or watch co-workers work through a glass window.

Time will tell what happens with this blog, whether it is updated, or read, or commented upon. I'll work out some ideas, discuss things paleo, prep specific, probably guns, trucks, and weather too. Maybe stay away from politics.

Keep your ear to the rail chums...