Sunday, November 22, 2009

3rd Annual Fossil Preparation and Collections Symposium

The Field Museum will be hosting the 3rd Annual Fossil Preparation and Collections Symposium in Chicago from April 28-May 1, 2010.

I organized the first meeting at Petrified Forest National Park, which was a great success, about 45 people showed up, and we all had a lot of fun (pictures here, thanks ReBecca). J.P. Cavigelli hosted the next meeting this summer at the Tate, with I think about 65 or 70 attendees, which was also fantastic {update, some pics here, thanks again ReBecca}. Thanks to the Field, Geology Department Chair Pete Makovicky, and host Lisa Herzog for taking the reins in 2010.

A major contributing factor to the success of these meetings is presentations from people like you! If you have an idea for a talk, poster, or workshop, hurry up and get in touch with Lisa.

"The Field Museum is located on the shore of Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago and has a long history of vertebrate fossil preparation. It currently houses three operational fossil preparation laboratories, employs five full time preparators, and maintains an active volunteer program.

The three day symposium will feature collection tours, platform and poster presentations, roundtable discussions and preparation workshops. This is a distinct opportunity for fossil preparators to meet and talk with other professionals and volunteers in the field.

Any questions or comments should be directed to the conference organizer Lisa Herzog at or 312-665-7626. Suggestions for roundtable discussion are welcome.


ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

Welcome ;)
You reminded me that I have never posted the pictures from the Casper :P

ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

Here are the pictures from this year

Maltese said...

Still trying to decide if I should attend this conference or the 3rd mosasaur meeting in Paris. I can only swing one this year, especially since both intrude on field season this year a bit.

ReBecca: nice pics! There's a good one of the back of my head.

iPreparator said...

Paris is sooo over-rated. Chicago is the place to be. And who cares about mosasaurs, I mean, really?