Sunday, August 24, 2008

That didn't take long!

Letters from the Lounge

So, after trying to stage pictures of my new truck for about 3 weeks (I haven't even made a payment yet, it's a baby) I walk outside and just happen to have my camera in hand, and wham, bam, thank you atmospheric conditions, the sunset gives me the perfect shot. Were I a good photographer, and had actually been waiting, with tripod and one of my fast lenses, for the lighting to be just right, I would have moved the damned tractor first and made sure that there wasn't a pile of pallets, kitty litter, and other trash in the background. Oh well....

I also learned today that the US Special Forces has been using Toyota Tacomas in Afghanistan, (despite the fact that our government would never have a problem providing its employees with equipment that works, of course) bought off the dealership lot near Fort Campbell, slightly retrofitted (the belt fed M240 isn't a dealer option, otherwise I'd have one already), and shipped overseas for actual combat. Sweet. They obviously couldn't be less armored than a HMMWV right?

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Sarah Werning said...

Well, the transmission is bulletproof. That's a start.